Dynamic QR Code Generator

Create your own personalized QR Code! This App creates unique QR Codes from promotional texts, free online content, photos, images, emails, contacts (pricing cards), and even videos. It also enables to read/scan most QR Codes whether a webcam is around.

A QR Code is a two dimensional barcode which is readable only by digital cameras equipped with camera devices capable of displaying such codes. These codes are used as identification features in shops, restaurants, vending machines, etc. They can be scanned to obtain access to indoor and outdoor retail outlets. The main purpose for which they are used is for interactive marketing, wherein the user is required to interact with the advertisement (such as in online stores) by providing his/her name, address, contact details, and even a few selected items.

There are several software applications available for creating your own unique QR codes. They offer step-by-step guides for scanning various common household items like cups, plates, books, plastic bags, buttons, etc. Some even allow users to choose specific images to be printed on the code. Other software can analyze the frequency in which users scan the code and how long they are willing to spend for reading/scrolling through the advertisement.

With the increasing demand for qr codes, entrepreneurs and printing companies have taken up the task of creating more creative and unique barcodes. They have come up with a number of options like ‘scan and order’ schemes, wherein the consumer has to just scan the code and wait for the product to be delivered at their doorstep. Another option is ‘qr code tracking’ where the customer can track the progress of his order through his/her id. This is helpful in case of returns and emergency repairs. A ‘qr code tracking’ system would be useful for retailers too as they would get regular updates about the location of their customers.

In line with this, some companies have started providing high resolution scanners for use by consumers for personal or professional purposes. The high resolution scanners are designed to produce digital scans of large items like refrigerators, shelves, bookcases, etc. The scanners provided by these companies can produce digital barcodes that are easy to understand and read, but can also generate high resolution barcodes with higher density which are suitable for outdoor usage.

The creation of customized QR codes is possible by using software called ‘riad’ generator. The ‘riad’ generator is based on the idea of generating dynamic QR codes by taking advantage of the knowledge of the regular scanner. With the use of a scanner, it is possible to scan a normal barcode, and the resulting information would be translated into a dynamic qr code that contains all the desired information. Software that generates dynamic qr codes can be downloaded from the internet.