HOW TO USE ABBEY SUPPLY GUN GREASE LT2 ON AIRSOFT AND TRADITIONAL GUNSWhen you have a look at metal under a strong microscope, you may expect to realize a smoothglossy surface just like you see with your own eyes and feel with your hands on. But what you may actually notice is a busted, inland exterior maybe not unlike a satellite photograph of the Alps.

It is those little, microscopic little cracks, bumps and ski hotels which have snagged on other surfaces and lead to friction.

That is really where Abbey Gun Grease LT2 comes in. The Melyd… Melydebum… Molybdenum Disulphide within our gun fills in those fissures and tough spots and makes a smooth, friction free surface. The friction leads to effective and durable performance with less warmth and operational sound.

This grease is ideal for metal-on-metal or metal-on-plastic programs, owing to the high viscosity, surface smoothing and self-healing properties.

To get a lubricant to use in plastic-on-plastic software, attempt Abbey Silicone Gun Grease.

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If you are searching to maintain O-rings and seals nicely lubricated and performing optimally, then you are going to require Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35.

To use Abbey Gun Grease LT2, first identify a place of metal-on-metal or metal-on-plastic friction which needs lubrication. These could be recognized by louder than normal sound during surgery and regions that seem worn through friction.

With a finger or clean cloth, use the Gun Grease to alloy regions of high friction like bolts, slides and AEG Gears till the surface is evenly coated in a light movie.

Make sure you get rid of any surplus, since it is only going to accumulate debris and hinder functionality. When applying to an area of high speed, like slides or AEG gears, then operate these components gradually by hand to help disperse the lubrication.

Our greases come in useful 50ml pots that enable you to store it easily in a toolbox, gun bag or pouch so you’re never in a snap.